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Re: Password Authentication Required

john smith wrote:

Had to shut down my Tor relay [ running on ubuntu 7.10
gutsy] earlier this evening.

When I re-started my relay it seemed to connect without any problems
then it suddenly shut down.

When I attempted to re-start it again I was presented with a 'Password
Authentication Required - Please enter your control password (not the
hash)' prompt.

I've also attempted to install only to be presented with
the same 'Password Authentication Required' prompt.

Could anyone please explain why this has happened & advise what I can
do to solve this problem.

'til you get a better reply, my newbie guess is that this sounds like a vidalia connection response. i.e. the hashed password in vidalia doesn't match the hashed pw in torrc.

Try starting it without vidalia (i.e. don't use vidalia to start it).

Once it's up and going, then bring up vidalia.