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Fwd: Posting of links to inappropriate sites on children's website via Tor

(Forwarded with permission)

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Subject: Posting of links to inappropriate sites on children's website
via Tor
Date: 	Mon, 28 Jun 2010 18:44:26 -0400
From: 	Amos Blanton <amos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: 	abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I help manage the community on the Scratch website. Scratch is a
programming language for kids developed and provided for free by an
educational research group at MIT. You can check it out here:


There is a teenager in New York who has decided to create new accounts
to post links to trolling sites like lemmonparty.org
<http://lemmonparty.org> etc. on the Scratch website, which allows kids
to share projects and comments. It being a site for kids ages 8 and up,
that's not good. :(

This is the node that was most recently used:

I think we can find the originating IP from our records, if that would help.

In the past this person created accounts to post links in our forums
using free web proxies, and now they're moving on to posting them in
comments via TOR.  I guess we'll have to block new accounts from TOR
nodes - but do you guys have any alternatives you can recommend? I
understand and accept your mission to support privacy, but unfortunately
I can't see any good alternatives to blocking Tor nodes right now. I
have read the FAQ, but I thought I'd see if you have any other ideas.

Thanks very much for your time,
Amos Blanton
Scratch Team


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