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[tor-talk] 1100 TB in 34 weeks

hi there,

just for your entertainment here are the IOS interface stats for the
Debian box hosting the four blutmagie Tor routers. I'll try to
maintain Tor support after leaving my current employer this summer.

regards Olaf

foobar#show interfaces gi 9/9 counters

Port            InOctets   InUcastPkts   InMcastPkts   InBcastPkts
Gi9/9     1135488970947457 1423853663252          7086         11271

Port           OutOctets  OutUcastPkts  OutMcastPkts  OutBcastPkts
Gi9/9     1102752788298212 1388522627527      42559817       6555089

Last clearing of "show interface" counters 34w3d
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