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[tor-talk] Creating Custom Circuits


i was reading about Creating Custom Circuits..
and i found these orders ..but i didnt know how to use them and where to write them..???

Using Tor control protocol you can create custom circuits of different sizes. Regardless of circuit size the last node must be configured as exit-node. In order to successfully create and use custom circuits we must first disable Tor's automatic circuit creation mechanism. While it can not be completely disabled (?), we can still use the following configuration options to force Tor clients to use our custom made circuits:

setconf __DisablePredictedCircuits=1 <- disable preemptively creating circuits
setconf MaxOnionsPending=0 <- maximum circuits pending
setconf newcircuitperiod=999999999 <- longer period before creating new circuit
setconf maxcircuitdirtiness=999999999 <- longer period for circuit expiration

You can delete already created circuits so they don't interfere:

closecircuit 2
250 OK
closecircuit 1
250 OK
getinfo circuit-status
250 OK

can somebody help me and give a example to how an where set these orders???
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