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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Tor makes great progress towards a new stable release: we
fixed a big bug in whether relays stay in the consensus consistently,
we moved closer to handling bridges and hidden services correctly,
and we started the process of better handling the dreaded "my Vidalia
died, and now my Tor demands a password when I try to reconnect to it"
usability issue.

Packages will appear on the download page in the coming days.

Changes in version - 2011-06-04
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Don't decide to make a new descriptor when receiving a HUP signal.
      This bug has caused a lot of 0.2.2.x relays to disappear from the
      consensus periodically. Fixes the most common case of triggering
      bug 1810; bugfix on
    - Actually allow nameservers with IPv6 addresses. Fixes bug 2574.
    - Don't try to build descriptors if "ORPort auto" is set and we
      don't know our actual ORPort yet. Fix for bug 3216; bugfix on
    - Resolve a crash that occurred when setting BridgeRelay to 1 with
      accounting enabled. Fixes bug 3228; bugfix on
    - Apply circuit timeouts to opened hidden-service-related circuits
      based on the correct start time. Previously, we would apply the
      circuit build timeout based on time since the circuit's creation;
      it was supposed to be applied based on time since the circuit
      entered its current state. Bugfix on 0.0.6; fixes part of bug 1297.
    - Use the same circuit timeout for client-side introduction
      circuits as for other four-hop circuits, rather than the timeout
      for single-hop directory-fetch circuits; the shorter timeout may
      have been appropriate with the static circuit build timeout in
      0.2.1.x and earlier, but caused many hidden service access attempts
      to fail with the adaptive CBT introduced in Bugfix
      on; fixes another part of bug 1297.
    - In ticket 2511 we fixed a case where you could use an unconfigured
      bridge if you had configured it as a bridge the last time you ran
      Tor. Now fix another edge case: if you had configured it as a bridge
      but then switched to a different bridge via the controller, you
      would still be willing to use the old one. Bugfix on;
      fixes bug 3321.

  o Major features:
    - Add an __OwningControllerProcess configuration option and a
      TAKEOWNERSHIP control-port command. Now a Tor controller can ensure
      that when it exits, Tor will shut down. Implements feature 3049.
    - If "UseBridges 1" is set and no bridges are configured, Tor will
      now refuse to build any circuits until some bridges are set.
      If "UseBridges auto" is set, Tor will use bridges if they are
      configured and we are not running as a server, but otherwise will
      make circuits as usual. The new default is "auto". Patch by anonym,
      so the Tails LiveCD can stop automatically revealing you as a Tor
      user on startup.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Fix warnings from GCC 4.6's "-Wunused-but-set-variable" option.
    - Remove a trailing asterisk from "exit-policy/default" in the
      output of the control port command "GETINFO info/names". Bugfix
    - Use a wide type to hold sockets when built for 64-bit Windows builds.
      Fixes bug 3270.
    - Warn when the user configures two HiddenServiceDir lines that point
      to the same directory. Bugfix on 0.0.6 (the version introducing
      HiddenServiceDir); fixes bug 3289.
    - Remove dead code from rend_cache_lookup_v2_desc_as_dir. Fixes
      part of bug 2748; bugfix on
    - Log malformed requests for rendezvous descriptors as protocol
      warnings, not warnings. Also, use a more informative log message
      in case someone sees it at log level warning without prior
      info-level messages. Fixes the other part of bug 2748; bugfix
    - Clear the table recording the time of the last request for each
      hidden service descriptor from each HS directory on SIGNAL NEWNYM.
      Previously, we would clear our HS descriptor cache on SIGNAL
      NEWNYM, but if we had previously retrieved a descriptor (or tried
      to) from every directory responsible for it, we would refuse to
      fetch it again for up to 15 minutes. Bugfix on;
      fixes bug 3309.
    - Fix a log message that said "bits" while displaying a value in
      bytes. Found by wanoskarnet. Fixes bug 3318; bugfix on
    - When checking for 1024-bit keys, check for 1024 bits, not 128
      bytes. This allows Tor to correctly discard keys of length 1017
      through 1023. Bugfix on 0.0.9pre5.

  o Minor features:
    - Relays now log the reason for publishing a new relay descriptor,
      so we have a better chance of hunting down instances of bug 1810.
      Resolves ticket 3252.
    - Revise most log messages that refer to nodes by nickname to
      instead use the "$key=nickname at address" format. This should be
      more useful, especially since nicknames are less and less likely
      to be unique. Resolves ticket 3045.
    - Log (at info level) when purging pieces of hidden-service-client
      state because of SIGNAL NEWNYM.

  o Removed options:
    - Remove undocumented option "-F" from tor-resolve: it hasn't done
      anything since

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