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Re: [tor-talk] WebbasedOS hidden service


in my opinion it's a very good idea (even if this response comes with several weeks delay) - but I'm not sure whether the available software will do the job. I try to explain my concerns:

> People should be able to create encrypted containers
> ...
> It's of course of major importance that users should
> not be able to see activity of others, nor that I as
> administrator could see that
... These requirements seam to be very important but they would imply that the apps (office, email and chat) are running completely in the users browser and do all the work, inclusive data encryption/decryption, and the server only provides the apps code and stores the encrypted data files.

I.e. we actually talk about apps that are completely different than normal web apps. Instead, such apps work similar to classic rich client apps, only the app code and the data are provided by the server via http. To let such apps run in a browser, the apps must be probably run on JavaScript, Flash or Java Applets/Java Web Start. And the apps must encrypt/decrypt all data exchanged with the server. Do such (open source) apps for office, email and chat already exist? Or are there projects out there that work on such apps?

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