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Re: [tor-talk] Best way to anonymize email while still be allowing to receive it?

> Hide your IP address from recipients or from your ISP?
I don't how I could hide my ip from my ISP, but if anyone knows how, I'd
like to hear it. However, I meant to hide the ip from recipients.

>  Are you trying to hide your IP address, or communicate securely (not the same). 
To hide the ip.

> I'm really not sure about the hiding IP address when using email over 
> but if there is a need for your correspondents to also hide their IP's
There is no such need.

> Check out Tor article 
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TheOnionRouter/TorifyHOWTO/EMail.  

I read it, though am still not clear how this applies to a local server,
which is what I'm planning on using.  If I use tor to proxy evolution to
a local server, wouldn't the recipient still be able to see the server's
(mine) ip?

It would connect like this, evolution --> tor --> local mail server -->
recipient. So there's no ip anonymisation in between the mail server and
recipient. However this server ip should be hidden.

The other question that still remains, would the recipient need to use
tor to communicate with me if my server is torified? If so, is there
some way of bypassing that need without compromising the hidden ip?

If anyone can offer suggestions, I would appreciate it.

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