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[tor-talk] Have/would you consider hosting one of the more common types of forums?

Have/would you consider hosting one of the more common types of
forums?  I have in mind something like the linux forum site
www.linuxquestions.org  ,of course specific to Tor projects.  I think
this would make it easier for users to ask questions, get/give answers,
and allow easier search of previously answered questions.  Perhaps you
could moderate a forum on an already exiting web forum site?  I
appreciate the list and IRC, but I believe the more familiar commonly
seen type of forum would make it easier for users, especially noobs &
those of us less technically inclined.  IRC's great & fast, but a lot of
non-techies are unfamiliar with it or find it more trouble than common
web forum sites. I also wouldn't be surprise if the same questions have
to be asked & answered over and over almost daily. A standard forum
site with a good search engine would make it easier to see if their
question had already been asked & answered, so they wouldn't have to
repeat the process.  I know this still happens on web forums, but
maybe a little less often than IRC. The Tor lists do work good, but
noobs are less familiar with them and their a little harder to search
and use in general.  I know you have much more important things to do,
but if you want to increase the number or users, relays, bridges,
etc., that would IMHO be more likely if you made it as easy as
possible to get their questions answered. The excellent Tor browser
bundles are a wonderful example of how making things easier for users
helps increase the number of users.


ps. BTW, I really like the Tor Project and everything it's doing to
help people gain and retain their freedoms.

pss. Have you ever considered selling Tor on a cd/usb drive on
your site for people who don't want to or can't download or install for
some reason?
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