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Re: [tor-talk] Access blocked by Baracuda Content filter

Matthew wrote:

On 21/06/11 13:38, Robert Ransom wrote:
On Tue, 21 Jun 2011 14:28:45 +0200
andre76@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

At a free wifi hotspot I encountered something called Baracuda Content
filter which blocks me from accessing my webmail and a bunch of websites
like youtube and godaddy.

Is there any way around this filter nonsense?
Use Tor.

If it blocks Tor, use Tor bridges.

If it blocks Tor bridges, we would like to probe that filter.

Forgive my ignorance but if the filter is set to block site X why does it matter whether one is trying to access site X from a Tor IP or not from a Tor IP?

When the connection is sent through Tor the filter can't tell what is being accessed. All it can see is the encrypted communication between the Tor client and the entry guard. Which, in this is case, it appears to be blocking wholesale.

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