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[tor-talk] Using TorButton with other proxies

Hello all,
    I had a question I hoped someone here could point me in the right direction on. I use Tor for some things, and I2P for others. I'd like to use TorButton's _javascript_/plugins security protections to access eepSites over I2P, but that means (unless I'm mistaken) toggling off Tor which I think toggles off some of the security options. I can change the TorButton proxy settings to point to I2P's 4444 port, but that's a pain to do every time. Any way to be able to quickly switch proxies and keep TorButton's other functionality working?

On a related note:I've played around with using the Tor browser bundle, and set it up with a proxy switcher, to quickly switch to I2P and back as needed. I noticed some privacy setting in the browser bundle are always on (like not remembering history) even when the TorButton is toggled off.  My issue is that I'm not sure what security features are kept even when the button is off, and which ones disappear.

Oh, one final suggestion for the Tor Browser Bundle: A different icon. I sometime run an instance of Tor's Firefox at the same time as an  instance of plain jane Firefox, and it would be nice to be able to quickly tell the difference in the task bar.

Thanks much for any info you can give,

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