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Re: [tor-talk] Repercussion from turning every Tor user into a hidden service?

<peter+tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> To quote the hidden service FAQ
> <https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-hidden-service>, " If your
> computer
> isn't online all the time, your hidden service won't be either. This
> leaks information to an observant adversary.", so yes.

I don't think that applies here.
1. You do not publish your hidden service, no one knows the .onion domain.
2. How should the adversary know which unused hidden service belongs to whom?
3. Even if someone would brute force (try to guess) all .onion domains, no server software would answer. The Tor hidden service is one thing, but if no server replies on the virtual port...

> I guess this doesn't even cover the ethical (?) question of whether it's
> ethical to turn client machines into hidden services by default, without
> asking the user.

Depending on the outcome of this thread, if any. Let's assume it's a pure gain for all with no or tolerable additional network load. Where is the ethical question?

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