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Re: [tor-talk] Question about Circuit Building

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012, at 03:12 PM, Patrick B wrote:
> Hi,
> I was logging some traffic from the Orweb browser on Android (to check
> for
> DNS leaks) and noticed that 5 different Tor relay IP addresses were being
> contacted. I was curious if this represents 5 different possible circuits
> with some being marked as unused, or alternatively if some of these IPs
> were actually hops in the Tor circuit (beyond the first).
> I ask because my initial conception would be that you wouldn't want to be
> able to see each IP in the Tor circuit you are using as because then
> someone could identify the exit node you are using. I am just curious if
> anyone could clarify this point.
 If Tor is running as a client only, those connections will be to the
 Entry (Guard) relays only. The client does not connect to further hops
 directly at all, it gathers information about them from the Directory
 Authorities in order to tell the Entry relay where to extend the
 circuit to.

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