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Re: [tor-talk] vwfws4obovm2cydl.onion ??

From: "grarpamp" <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx>

Anbody have any information on;  vwfws4obovm2cydl.onion  ?

You must have obtained the address from somewhere.
So what did the ad copy or context associated with it say?

1. It was harvested from malware which dropped a file; hostname.tmp which contained the name; vwfws4obovm2cydl.onion

2.    It contained a script file named;  poclbm120222.cl
// -ck modified kernel taken from Phoenix taken from poclbm, with aspects of
   // phatk and others.
   // Modified version copyright 2011-2012 Con Kolivas

// This file is taken and modified from the public-domain poclbm project, and
   // we have therefore decided to keep it public-domain in Phoenix.

3. It contained the file; private_key.tmp which contains certificate keys

4.   It contained the DLLs;  pthreadGC2.dll, libpdcurses.dll, libcurl-4.dll

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