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Re: [tor-talk] possible to identify tor user via hardware DRM?

>> can these chips be used to spying and identifying people

The summary is probably...

Only those with access to the chip masks, or an equally serious
amount of reverse engineering gear, knows what goes into a chipset.
Therefore anything is possible. And if you're not proxying the output
of suspected spy systems through your own masks to validate them,
well... you could very well be screwed :)

The rest is documented stuff you can read in any spec sheet.
Part of that material is indeed new firmware capabilities and
ways to lock it down, or not.

Don't run windows or closed source stuff if you're concerned about
what it might phone home about. UUID's, serials, MAC's, your
data, etc.

If the platform + OS can't be trusted, neither can any app
running on it, including Tor. Act accordingly.

Nothing here related to Tor.... your questions should go to the
author of that post or comp.risks.
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