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Re: [tor-talk] possible to identify tor user via hardware DRM?

<schoen@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Similarly, having a GPS receiver in your phone does not mean that
> everyone you send an SMS to or everyone you call will learn your
> exact physical location.  However, it does mean that if there's
> spyware on your phone, that spyware is able to use the GPS to learn
> your location and leak it.  If you're worried about spyware threats
> on your phone, which can be quite a realistic concern, the GPS
> itself isn't necessarily the unique core of the threat, because
> there are also lots of other things in the phone that can be read to
> help physically locate you (like wifi base station MAC addresses,
> taking photographs of your surroundings with the phone's camera,
> recording the identities and signal strengths of the GSM base
> stations your phone sees...).  So a more fundamental question might
> be whether your phone operating system is able to either prevent
> you from getting malware or prevent the malware from accessing the
> sensors on your phone.

The situation on smartphones is much worse than on Windows.

Google may silently install malware on Android phones. The only way to prevent that, is not using the market, which is very inconvenient and barely anyone goes that way. The phone book and calendar is with default settings automatically mirrored on Google servers, most people have it activated.

I wrote more about that a while ago... [1]

[1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/Mobile

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