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Re: [tor-talk] Bad Relay: Are there a mailing list / announce about it?

> i wanted to ask if there is a mailing list and/or some notification
> schema to know when a new Bad Relay is detected and blocked:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/badRelays

Hi naif. Nope, the usual process is...
- Someone reports a bad exit on tor-assistants@.
- That email sits around for a while. Eventually the reporter or
someone else on the list reminds the authority operators that vote on
badexits about it.
- They flag the relay.
- Once I see that the relay has the flag I update the wiki.

If you just care about the first step then there's a tor-exitscanner@
list, though looks like it isn't public. If you just care about the
last step then you can subscribe to...

... and just look for changes to the badRelays wiki. -Damian
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