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[tor-talk] How to run pluggable transport bridge node?

Good afternoon,

In the blog "PRISM vs. Tor" [0], in a response to a question about bridge effects on NSA spying, Mike Perry wrote: "In fact, I think it is fair to speculate that running the latest and 
greatest pluggable transport bridges to help censored users is the best 
existing way to defend your own traffic from correlation, especially if 
your transport is under heavy use."

I'm a bit confused: To run "the latest and greatest pluggable transport bridges" would I simply turn my vanilla TBB into a bridge for other users via. Vadalia? Or, do I need to do something more? I've searched all over the Tor Project web site, as much as I'm able, and didn't find a yes/no answer, or a "here are the steps" answer.

As a corollary, I use Cupcake and Tor Flashproxy badge for non-Tor use, to help Tor users when I'm not running Tor, does this offer me any obfuscation of my non-Tor (and Tor e.g. when running TBB and e.g. Firefox concurrently) Internet usage (such as e.g. metadata)?

[0] https://blog.torproject.org/blog/prism-vs-tor
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