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Re: [tor-talk] Tor transparent proxying over OpenVPN

On 06/16/2013 11:57 PM, ef2k@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> The simplest solution would be to use a VM. Run the VPN client on the
>> host machine, and the Tor setup in the VM. You could also run the VPN
>> client in a pfSense VM, and the Tor setup in another VM that uses the
>> pfSense VM as its LAN router.
> This wouldn't work for me, I only have access to an outdated netbook, it
> can't run a single VM without bringing the computer almost to a halt,
> definitely not two.

If you run a VPN client and Tor client on the same machine, you will
connect to the Tor network through the VPN. I should have mentioned that
in my initial reply.

>> How fast must new obfuscated bridges be created to replace old ones that
>> have been discovered? What's the mean lifetime of an obfuscated bridge?
>> If obfuscated bridges don't last very long, it's very likely that ef2k's
>> ISP will quickly determine that he's using Tor, even if it can't
>> consistently block Tor use.
>> If ef2k were using a VPN service, on the other hand, his ISP would need
>> to gain cooperation of his VPN provider, or snoop its exit traffic. And
>> he could choose VPN providers prudently to make either harder for his
>> ISP to accomplish. Or he could nest multiple VPNs.
>> He could also use both VPNs and obfuscated bridges, if hiding Tor use
>> really matters.
> I am worried about this. It's why I don't want to rely on obfuscated
> bridges to hide my Tor usage, as they're not private and one day I could
> get flagged as using Tor if the ISP/military/police is monitoring
> connections to the bridge that I'm using at the time.
> VPN seems to be the best solution. Services like Airvpn offer additional
> services - VPN over SSH and VPN over SSL. VPN over SSL would hide that I'm
> using a VPN, unless they are monitoring connections to Airvpn servers, but
> even then they could only see that I'm using a VPN - *not* a big deal
> compared to Tor.

I've assumed that VPNs are generally less suspicious than Tor, given
their popularity for file sharing. Also, file sharing through the VPN
(with throughput throttled appropriately) while using Tor might help
hide the Tor traffic.
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