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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: [PET] Japan to possibly/partially block Tor?

As far as I know, Mainichi news press (the newspaper company who
originated this report) jumped on the gun, and it wasn't actually
accurate report to begin with.

As the English version of Wired News states:
[UPDATE 24/04/2013] This article, and its headline, originally stated
that the panel's recommendation that "the internet provider industry
and other entities" referred to ISPs being asked to block the use of
Tor. It has since been clarified that the NPA wishes for individual
site administrators to be responsible for blocking Tor users.

The case that involved Tor and caused a bit of controversy because of
so many false-arrests (and forced confessions) is ending with no
prosecution due to no material evidences; so I wouldn't be too
surprised that it is NPA's real wish.

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