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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Hi, everybody!

Usually, Roger sends these announcements out, but he's away from the
internet this week, and I thought it was a good idea to get this one
out soon, given the discussion in the last thread on this list.  For
obvious reasons, it'll be signed with my GPG key, not Roger's.

I don't do releases too often, so it's possible I've messed up
building or uploading or publishing something.  I hope not, though!
Please let me know if there's anything I need to resolve.

It would be a great help if a bunch of people could test this one out
once it exists in your preferred package format: we're hoping to get
0.2.4.x into a stable status as soon as we can, and we're also
planning to backport a number of fixes from this release into a new
0.2.3.x release soon if they prove to be stable.  Testing helps us
backport fixes with confidence, and reach stability in a timely


Tor fixes a pair of client guard enumeration problems
present in  It also includes all of the various fixes
present in; see the ChangeLog for full details there.

The source is up now at:


There should be more packages uploaded once they're ready.

  o Major bugfixes:
    - When we have too much memory queued in circuits (according to a new
      MaxMemInCellQueues option), close the circuits consuming the most
      memory. This prevents us from running out of memory as a relay if
      circuits fill up faster than they can be drained. Fixes bug 9063;
      bugfix on the 54th commit of Tor. This bug is a further fix beyond
      bug 6252, whose fix was merged into

      This change also fixes an earlier approach taken in,
      where we tried to solve this issue simply by imposing an upper limit
      on the number of queued cells for a single circuit. That approach
      proved to be problematic, since there are ways to provoke clients to
      send a number of cells in excess of any such reasonable limit. Fixes
      bug 9072; bugfix on

    - Limit hidden service descriptors to at most ten introduction
      points, to slow one kind of guard enumeration. Fixes bug 9002;
      bugfix on
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