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Re: [tor-talk] Are non-official projects welcome to Stackexchange Tor Q&A forum?

Thanks for answering! I try to make a short answer, so I don't take up
too much of your time.

Nick Mathewson:
> So, we chatted about it a little, and we're not 100% actually sure
> what the right answer should be there. We don't mind general questions
> about other Tor-related projects, but we'd like to avoid having that
> stuff ramp up faster than the Tor questions.  Also we're also worried
> that if we say 'yeah, sure, go ahead' then we'll get swamped with
> support requests for stuff like "tormail," or the next Haystack, or
> that it's going to turn into a promotional vehicle for somebody with a
> forked Tor called tOr, or some drama like that.
> On the other hand, I don't want to have people decline to answer
> questions like "What are all my options for a Tor-based operating
> system?" or "How can I transparently proxy traffic to Tor on Windows".
>  So we need a good answer here, and I don't know what it is.

I understand the dilemma.

> How about we this: Let's all try to make an honest effort to *focus*
> on stuff that Tor releases for now, answer relevant questions for
> other Tor-related stuff as it shows up, and revisit this in a little
> while, once we see how it goes?

Sounds good. I'll use that forum in any case (as a user, not unasked as
Whonix support forum).

> Everybody's still working out how we want to use this, and it's only
> going to work out if it has a happy, engaged community.  That means
> IMO we should avoid making and avoid looking for Big Policy
> Pronouncements, and lean towards decisions of the form "let's try X
> for now and see how it works out".

At the moment I am more concerned about reaching stackexchange's
users/questions/reputation requirements, which are very high, at all.

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