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[tor-talk] Recommended method for updating an existing TBB

I've had problems updating my existing TBB software and wanted to get
some feedback. The steps I take are:

1. Download the latest TBB/Firefox's download directory
2. Extract "tor-browser-2.x.x-{x}_{lang}.exe" in the current directory
3. Cut/paste the newly extracted "Tor Browser" directory over the
existing "C:\Program Files\Tor Browser"
4. Run "Start Tor Browser.exe"
5. TBB/Firefox opens at https://check.torproject.org and I get the page
for &uptodate=1

I do it this way so I retain plugins, settings, and bookmarks for
TBB/Firefox, but it doesn't appear to be working anymore. Over the last
few releases, step 5 has instead showed the page for &uptodate=0 and I'm
not sure why TBB/Firefox is being detected as an outdated version. To
get past this I just delete the existing "C:\Program Files\Tor Browser"
directory and start fresh with the latest TBB.

How do other users update their existing TBB software?
Are my steps for updating incorrect or unsafe?
Is there a recommended method for updating an existing TBB software?

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