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Re: [tor-talk] Security concerns with running an exit relay

On 06/06/2014 01:57 AM, ondesmartenot@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Can you point me to any documentation relating to maintaining your relay's
> security? I know that computer security is a large and complex problem,
> but just some basic information on likely threats and tips to protect
> against them would be much appreciated.

My install notes at http://torservers.net/wiki/setup/server are a bit
outdated and most of the later parts will not be relevant for small exit
operators, but it has everything that I think one should do. It's really
not much:

1. Move SSH to a non-standard port (reduces noise in logs)
2. Disable SSH plaintext authentication.
3. Install NTP.
4. Set DirFrontPage.

I agree that there should be better guides. Personally, I think we
should have a wizard/script that guides you through the process and
deploys Tor relays for you. I even have some funding for it, but so far
I was unable to find someone to lead the effort.

Moritz Bartl
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