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Re: [tor-talk] Onionoo docs JSON parser?

Maybe https://github.com/Ayms/node-Tor/blob/master/lib/build-relays_and_dirs.js

The output is an array with json elements, and it's testing the nodes too.

This version is a bit old, maybe you can take some inspiration or I can update to the latest version if there is an interest.

Le 08/06/2014 20:50, grarpamp a écrit :
Is anyone already using a tool to convert these
to multiline tree/hierarchy format?
I'd probably want the first array of objects
vertical, with any further embedded arrays
such as data values horizontal to save space.
Or even further, answer the value of this key of this object.
Like snmp.
I see a few while searching, preferring python, if there's
a defacto 'you want this' all JSON tool with configurable
input/output formats, feel free to suggest.

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