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Re: [tor-talk] hide from cell carrier

That must only apply in Russia itself and in a few major cities where cells are plentiful, I would think.

They might get the signal strengths from the cell towers which your phone is announcing itself to. It therefore can't be very accurate. A ten metre range is unlikely in a city anyhow because of the buildings interfering.

> dear sir i have a Q ?
> search engine like yandex.ru
> can detect location by cell phone signal
>   even if the phone dont have gps model
> is they any way to hide your real location and how they detect it what
> kind of tecnology they used ?
>    is this mean even if i use tor and have simple phone like nokia 1202
>    and search engine know my number they can know my location using
> signal bridge
>  other Q
> if i am using tor and signup for facebook or gmail and they send me
> verification sms can they know my geo location exactly location around 10
> meter wrong ?

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