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[tor-talk] Tor Jumphost

I have been considering potentially building some type of remote
jumphost for a University research setting that automatically connects
its users to the Tor network and am looking for feedback/implementation

A few assumptions:

1) the users of the host trust me as the operator
2) as soon as they log off of the host, all information about their
usage is purged.
3) would like to do this with Windows, as it is compatible with RDP and
would require less user education.

Basically I want to provide an environment for users that requires
little or no configuration on their part that they can use to browse the
web anonymously. One of the things that is attractive about the jumphost
approach is that I can control the patch level of the browser bundle
thereby ensuring that it is up to date and also restrict use of any
other software that could perhaps compromise the integrity of the user's


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