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Re: [tor-talk] Ad Blocking Software

On 6/10/2014 2:27 PM, Antonio Z wrote:
I did not think that Adblock was trustable considering how an
extension can bypass Tor.

Good question. I've never sniffed ABP activities to see what it does when installed in TBB. From memory, it shouldn't be phoning home, except to get updates. Don't hold me to that.

It may / may not follow the rules & always use the Tor proxy, or transmit reveal your real IP, in unencrypted form, that someone could capture. It really depends on who one is hiding from & for what purpose.

BTW, not a big deal, but most users on mailing lists add comments just below quoted material, or insert comments below each pertinent passage. (or that's the way I was taught) Opposite from how many do it in email. Typically, only relevant previous comments are carried forward on mailing lists, especially for longer posts.
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