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Re: [tor-talk] Ad Blocking Software

On 06/10/2014 10:55 PM, Roman Mamedov wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jun 2014 10:49:01 +0200
> Anders Andersson <pipatron@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 9:18 PM, Antonio Z <adbeiler4444@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I understand that it is not necessary, but I believe that making your
>>> own ad blocking software would bring more people to tor. It does not
>>> even have to come with the bundle. It could just be an optional add on
>>> called, Tor Ad blocker.
>>> Inappropriate ads are the main reason why I would just shift back to a
>>> browser in which I can maneuver easier.
>> What's wrong with any of the ad blockers already out there, like, adblock?
> I think one objection against manually installing AdBlock (or other similar
> extensions) was that you make your TBB stand out from most other TBBs out
> there. If *all* TBBs had AdBlock or other standardized ad blocking software
> installed, that'd be a non-issue.

Yes indeed. So why doesn't TBB include AdBlock? In my experience, unlike
NoScript, AdBlock Plus rarely breaks sites. Reductions in site loading
time are dramatic. And then there's the privacy benefit.
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