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Re: [tor-talk] Non-free country law preventing Tor from getting donations

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Juan <juan.g71@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> However distrusting the russian governmet while  trusting the
> american government is...a pretty bad idea.

That's why no matter where you propose Tor live, some kind of
pressures exist. Now if you move all of Tor to self-hosting onion
and unknown developers, that solves some things but raises
other things. ie: Truecrypt, or to how I2P self-hosts the main repo.
Verify, or use them blindly, still the same options there.

>         The primary purpose of the tor project is to spy on people who
>         are not subservient to the american military.
>         Also, tor is a way for the US military to monitor its own
>         ÂdissidentsÂ.

Nothing says 'watch me' better to adversary than crypto. At least
worldwide usage of crypto is growing to diffuse that and raise costs.
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