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Re: [tor-talk] Tor-architecture

>I am a student of B.Tech( Computer
>Science and Engineering). Right now I am doing a summer Internship and my
>project is to understand Tor architecture by studying Tor source code ..
>studying Tor source code is a very tedious task because i don't understand
>where to start from. So can you people tell me something about it and some
>advise how to study Tor architecture from Source code.

But this is what your project *is*.   So crack on, and stop being lazy :) 
If you need to know conceptually what TOR does, read the FAQs. To understand it from a source code perspective, hopefully being a computer science student you know about source code, loading it into an IDE and so on .. so ... steam on!  Others have, and not for a school project either. 

Now , if you'd said "ive got the TOR source code on punched card format.. where do I start?"  .. that WOULD be a tricky one.. :)

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