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Re: [tor-talk] Presentation material in LaTeX

Hi jOe,

Perhaps because it's not an acronym. ;-) And keep in mind that calling something "the" onion router would be rather incorrect as there are now multiple onion routing projects.


Joe Btfsplk <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>The "why called tOR" article says,
>"/Note: even though it originally *came from an acronym,* Tor is not 
>spelled "TOR"/.
>And why would that be?  Other than in a kind of, "I'd now like to be 
>known as _The Artist Formerly Known As Prince_" sort of way, who made
>the rule that an acronym would have only the first letter capitalized?
>Even HAL 9000 - an "almost alive" computer - used all caps for an 
>acronym. :-;
>Did "they" consider it alive, so Tor is a proper noun, 1st & only name 
>(like Sting)?
>If it's an acronym, it's supposed to be all caps (rarely, all lower 
>case).  I doubt most people (not suffering from something) really care 
>if it's Tor, TOR, tOR, tOr...
>And newer people coming in may think it a bit strange to make a serious
>point, to not spelling it correctly, per widely accepted, international
>convention. :D
>My name's not Joe, it's jOe.  On rEmUlak, only interior vowels in
>nouns are capitalized.  The Tor spelling issue sort of reminds me of 
>_The Anal Retentive Chef_ sketch (phiLL harTMan), on Sat. Night Live.
>  * Cooking with the Anal Retentive Chef
>    (Phil Hartman <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Hartman>)

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