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Re: [tor-talk] Should DOM storage really be enabled by default in TorBrowser?

On 6/19/2014 1:51 PM, Georg Koppen wrote:
Joe Btfsplk:
Curious:  Should DOM storage really be enabled by default in Tor Browser
3.6.x, when other forms of disk storage are disabled?
DOM Storage in Tor Browser does not save state to disc. And it is bound
to the URL bar domain (see design document).

The code is in commit 5392d2ed679eaaa078f5c667573ef0698ec65345 in the
tor-browser repository.

No, I don't see anything stored to disk in the webappstore.sqlite file, after playing html5 content in Torbrowser. The file appears blank when opening it in an sqlite viewer, after playing content, then closing Torbrowser.
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