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[tor-talk] Tor and cloudflare servers

hi i have been running an exit node for several years now.  from time to
time i will get banned/warned from sites who decide they want to
ban/block Tor from their servers.  usually this is resolved by blocking
access to said sites in my exit policy, and ensuring the sites are using
a tool like TorBulkExitList.py to determine nodes that can access their

now i am in a similar situation with a site that uses cloudflare, and
thus currently has 6 different IP addresses according to simple linux
'host' tool.  i've blocked all of these addresses in my exit policy.
the admins of the site claim that these IP addresses can change "every
minute based on demand, attacks, and location" and that "Someone
accessing from another location [besides mine, maybe another country]
will get a different set of result, and it is not constant."

is there truth to these claims?  how can i properly and completely block
access to the site (or other sites using cloudflare or other similar
services) in my exit policy?  i've basically been given an ultimatum to
stop running my exit node while accessing the site or be banned from the

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