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Re: [tor-talk] multiple local proxy ports

Wayland Morgan <dotwayland@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have a shared host with as many as five users that will be logged in
> at a time, all to use Tor. In the current arrangement if one person is
> using Tor then no one else can bind to the local proxy port to forward
> their traffic out across the Tor network. The ultimate goal is to be
> able to accommodate all of these users at once such that they each have
> their own unique identity/exit node IP on the same system. As an added
> bit of info, I've placed the current version of the browser bundle in
> "C:\" and created a simple batch script that runs at login to copy from
> that location to %USERPROFILE%\Desktop so as to maintain unique file
> directories for each user. This is a Windows system, FWIW (If you
> couldn't tell by the use of the batch script). Any time there is an
> update to TBB, I plan to copy to "C:\" and let the script take care of
> delivering the updated package to each user as they login.

Unless the five users are using the same login, making sure that
their bundles use different ports and paths should be sufficient.
I don't use TBB or Windows, so I don't have any concrete suggestions.

If the users don't need access to Tor's control port (or trust each
other) you could also consider using a single Tor instance listening
on multiple ports that is always running. This would probably require
lots of TBB changes, though.

> The links I've seen so far for accomplishing this are:
> <http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/proxies/345716-tor-question-trying-run-multiple-instances.html>
> <https://svn.torproject.org/svn/torbrowser/branches/macos/docs/two-firefox.txt>
> <http://kikistidbits.blogspot.com/2011/11/running-multiple-instances-of-tor-under.html>
> <http://serverfault.com/questions/136072/how-to-run-multiple-instances-of-tor>
> Would you consider these to be efficient guides for accomplishing this
> goal?

No. The guide author seem to have different goals.

> How would you go about approaching this?

I'm using Privoxy for this, but my use case is different (one user,
multiple applications) and in your case adding Privoxy to the mix
would complicate things without being necessary (unless you want to
use Privoxy for other reasons anyway).


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