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Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

On 6/25/2014 3:28 PM, Mark McCarron wrote:
I have been examining the number of what would normally be deemed as illegal sites sites on Tor.  Eliminating the narcotics trade, as these tend to be intelligence agency backed enterprises, a serious decline has been noted across the board.

This would tend to suggest that exposure is common place and users no longer feel safe.  In the more serious categories, such as child porn and violent sexual material, no functioning open sites remain and many of the sites that require registration are crippled.  The entire planet has been scrubbed.

This, it would seem, indicates that Tor has been compromised on a global scale with very little fanfare or moves to correct the situation.

Does anyone have any insights into the problem?

How did you arrive at your conclusion? What were the criteria for the study / canvasing?

Well, maybe it's been scrubbed from Tor (which is good, if true). That's really all this list is about & all that matters regarding a better reputation for Tor. I doubt such illegal activities will disappear or stay "gone" from society for long. Been around for a while (all of recorded history).
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