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Re: [tor-talk] SPDYv3 [WAS:You could use ModX to create .onion sites, ]

> Mike Cardwell:
>> SPDY is currently supported by Firefox, Chromium and Opera. A few
>> examples of sites that already have SPDY enabled: Google.com+mail,
>> Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress.com. Apache has a module for it:
>> https://code.google.com/p/mod-spdy/ and the latest versions of Nginx
>> have it built in.
>> Yeah, I'm a fan of SPDY and I think Tor especially will benefit
>> hugely from sites enabling it.
> just wondering why SPDY still isn't enabled by default in tbb ?

SPDY has some nice tracking features we don't want and which we need to
cope with first:


"However, because SPDY can store identifiers and has extremely long
keepalive duration, it is disabled through the Firefox preference

See as well:


If you'd like to work on that topic you are very welcome.


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