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[tor-talk] routing Pure Data messages over Tor

Hi list,
     I'm experimenting with sending messages over Tor using the program Pure Data.  Pure Data (or Pd) is a graphical programming environment.  It typically runs two processes-- a tk GUI process, and the "main" process.  The two communicate over the loopback device  (Can't remember which port atm.)

Within the program, there are objects for sending and receiving messages over the net.  So what I can do at the moment is this:
1) run Pd in -nogui mode in conjunction with 'usewithtor'.  (In this mode, the tk GUI process never runs, so there is nothing to communicate over the loopback device.)
2) make a Pd program listen for incoming messages on a hidden service port
3) make a Pd program connect to any onion addy I choose while the program is running (or being built, since Pd is also a realtime IDE), and then send messages to it.
4) of course, make a program that does both simultaneously

That works!

Problem is when I run in gui mode, the GUI needs to talk to the main process over the loopback device.  But when I do 'usewithtor', the loopback device is tied up with Tor, and thus the main process can't communicate with the GUI.

hdm on tor irc kindly suggested using torsocks in conjunction with socat, but the solution required hard-coding an onion addy with socat, and that doesn't work for #3 above.  (I want the ability to make connections to multiple onion addys at once.)

Right now I'm just trying to chat with a few Pure Data users over Tor.  But Pd is a realtime audio language, so ultimately we might be able to prototype some voice chat progs for use over Tor.

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