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Re: [tor-talk] torbirdy default settings

Spam 06 schrieb:
> So, you read the documentation and you find out that the repositories
> have outdated software that can make the whole thing useless. The port
> was changed in the mean time. Anyway, that is one more reason to read
> the docs at the torproject.org site. And get the latest packages.
> Cheers

Thanks. BUT: shortly said, i'm sitting here on a ppc based machine and
there is no ppc version in the tor repositories. So, i'm obliged to use
those of debian ... ;-) (I pinned them to use sid, so that i'll always
get the newer ones).

Put it simply: The default port for tor now is 9150 not 9050 (i found
the last one in many instructions, cfr. e.g. bodhizazen.net, but i'm
always willed to learn)?


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