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Re: [tor-talk] 100-Foot Overview on Tor

Tom Ritter:
> Hi all,
> I've put together a slide deck that aims to provide a 100-foot
> overview on little-t tor and Tor Browser. 100 foot, meaning I go into
> a lot of technical detail, but not 10 or 1 foot which means some
> things are definitely glossed over or handwaved a little. My
> consistency with the 'foot level' throughout the deck varies a bit,
> but I think it's decent.
> Before I post it on twitter or a blog, I wanted to sent it around
> semi-publicly to collect any feedback people think is useful. In
> particular:
>  - Upcoming Improvements worth mentioning (I'm a little light on the
> Hidden Services 2.0, but that's proposal is big)
>  - Interesting 'hidden depths' worth shedding a little light on
>  - Particularly good resources for a specific topic (I'm trying to
> avoid linking too much, but some is good)
>  - Anything factually wrong of course
> Slides are at: https://ritter.vg/p/tor-v1.2.pdf  Yes - it is long.
> There's a lot to tor these days :)

I looked at the latest version (thanks, Tom, for this effort!) and
stumbled over:

Each tab is its own Tor circuit

Is this due to the 100-Foot overview nature (maybe it looks that way
from 100 feet above :) )? The thing is that not the tab is the important
isolation criterion but the base domain of the URL you have in your
location bar. Thus, requests to blog.torproject.org and
trac.torproject.org in different tabs go over the same circuit (let's
ignore some corner cases like circuit timeouts etc.). And then there is
the catch-all circuit for requests not associated with a window/tab at
all... and all the things we have not fixed yet. Oh well...


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