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Re: [tor-talk] "Tor Browsers" on SourceForge

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) - lists wrote:
Given that there could be sketchy reasons to distribute Tor Browser
unofficially and that Tor it's a copyright of Tor Project, shouldn't the
Tor Project ask to SourceForge to act to:

a) Or Remove those project

b) Or ask to change name and remove any occurrence of "Tor" in the name
of the projects, title, sub descriptions that may lead to misleading
interpretation that "this is tor browser"

Andrew and others have asked for these to be taken down in the past. Most listings are shady and likely contain malware. I contacted the developer of the first listing last year [1] but he never responded. While SourceForge might not care about malware*, large US-based companies usually care about copyright and trademark violations (which was a solid legal basis for Andrew to request takedown).

I'm not super sure where to go from there though. This might be a better question for Wendy Seltzer.


[1] Who is apparently a Belarusian dev named Sergey Varankevich
* https://twitter.com/cooperq/status/603615948357132288
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