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Re: [tor-talk] What's better than Tor for criminals?

Proxies on infected machines. "Better" means higher success when
conducting criminal activities: purchases will less likely be marked as
fraud, IPS will less likely block a connection. It's not more anonymous,
just more useful for criminal activities.

torlove@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello...
> I'm an avid tor lover and user.
> I'm trying to understand a statement I've heard a number of people on the
> Tor team and in the Tor community repeat over the years and was wondering
> if it could be explained.
> The statement: Paraphrasing, it's been said several times, by Roger, etc,
> that...
> "Criminals have much better options available to them than Tor for strong
> internet anonymity."
> I'm trying to understand what these options are and why don't we
> non-criminal tech savvy people have some of these better options?
> Is this just talking about the option of using encrypted botnets, or are
> there other additional options that criminals use?
> What are these criminal anonymity methods that are stronger than Tor?
> Thanks all!
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