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[tor-talk] Hearn vs Bitcoin-over-Tor / anonets?

Wasn't there a group of folks or posts that were suggesting
colored coins / relay censorship or some other type things
as a good idea?

Hearing people dismiss particular use cases of anonymity
networks as moot, even though such uses are possible and being
done (without need for much code or protocol development), or
suggesting lesser alternatives, well... doesn't seem like words
of support for those users, their principles and needs... and seems
possibly against them.
Of course the interpretation should really be left to others more
closely following these few specific issues than I.


Recall that bitcoin-core added support for Tor and I2P a few
years back thus helping to affirm the use case of anonets
by [users of] digital currencies.

And that those running traditional government currencies
usually wish neither privacy or independant currencies,
unless it's for and by themselves.

IBM of course has a digital currency partnership proposition.
Similar issues would apply there as well.
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