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Re: [tor-talk] Is this still valid?

>Your traffic is visible to the exit node.

The exit node has to transmit your traffic in plaintext if your
destination doesn't support TLS. Same goes for your ISP, country,
company firewall and so on. This vulnerability can't be fixed without
proper end-to-end encryption.

>You are much safer with just the NSA spying on you than all the people
you invite to spy when you utilize Tor indiscriminately.
This is questionable as the NSA is known give lethal drone strike
targets while your average cyber criminal only steals your facebook
accounts for spam

U.R.Being.Watched wrote:
> http://www.deseret-tech.com/journal/psa-tor-exposes-all-traffic-by-design-do-not-use-it-for-normal-web-browsing/
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