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Re: [tor-talk] Creation of TOR Linux distribution for relay or server with everything preconfigured

On Fri, 26 Jun 2015 05:25:04 -0400
Griffin Boyce <griffin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>    Most of the configuration (at least in my case) has to do with 
> deciding on the right speed for the relay and setting a bandwidth cap.  
> And when using a VPS, I set "AccountingMax" and "AccountingStart" to 
> stay within my expected billing range.  So I would say that would 
> present the biggest issue for me with regards to having optimal settings 
> for something preconfigured.
>    However, you can make a relay just by configuring your torrc file (in 
> /etc/tor) and then restarting tor.  Here's a basic torrc file for a 
> relay:
> #####
> Log notice file /var/log/tor/notices.log
> RunAsDaemon 1  # Run Tor in the background
> DataDirectory /var/lib/tor # required
> ORPort 9001 # required
> Nickname relayname # Name your relay!
> AccountingMax 960 GB # only pass up to 960gb...
> AccountingStart month 3 15:00 # ...per month
> ExitPolicy reject *:* # no exits allowed
> #####
>    Once you have your torrc file configured, run the command: sudo -u 
> debian-tor tor.

Sorry, what? Do you also build your Tor from source with "make install"?
Also this doesn't restart, but starts Tor. and you didn't mention the need (or
how) to stop it before.

The correct way to restart Tor in Debian is '/etc/init.d/tor restart'.

With respect,

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