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Re: [tor-talk] Clear net and Tor site on the same server

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 04:17:37PM -0400, Tyler Hardin wrote:
> Why is it suggested not to do this? Does it matter as long as I'm not at
> all concerned about privacy? I want to run a wallet-less bitcoin node and
> thought I might as well make it accessible via Tor, however it definitely
> isn't worth paying for an extra server to serve as a dedicated proxy.

Right, I think it is fine to run a normal website on the Internet and also
make it available as an onion site by running Tor on the same computer.

It all comes down to what security goals you have in mind. If one of
your goals is to protect the location of the website so people visiting
it cannot learn where it is, then you have many more things you ought
to think about.

But for your situation, it sounds fine. For background you might enjoy:

> BTW, what kind of memory usage can I get by with to run a Tor server? How
> about a Tor node?

These phrases "Tor server" and "Tor node" are ambiguous. You might enjoy


Running a Tor relay can use quite a bit of memory depending on how much
traffic it's handling. Running a Tor bridge generally means you're
handling much less traffic, and so the memory footprint is much lower.
And running an onion service (aka hidden service) is usually very low
memory footprint too, but it depends how popular the service is.

Hope that helps,

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