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Re: [tor-talk] Question regarding some strange behavior on some exitnodes


This is just part of my research and I was informed to bounce my results over to you so you can look deeper in why the exits are doing what they do.

All URLs are unique, so the chance for a crawler/spider/robot to find that URL is extremely unlikely.

/db/backups/997391913-2015 is a unique URL. The numbers "997391913" are generated, saved to a list and checked if there's any duplicates, if so, remove them. Then, all these URLs are visited through all (public) exitnodes. A web server is used and saves all(HTTP) the requests to a file(log). Later I check that log if an URL has been visited more than one time, if so I know that something fishy[sic] is going on with that node.


nusenu skrev den 6/27/2015 19:19:

I read your email in the context of your recent blog post [1] on bad
exits (without it, the email does not make much sense to me).

Since I'm just assuming and other readers probably don't have that
context you might want to specify it.

If my assumption is wrong you might want to clarify why you think the
exits itself (their operators) are involved in generating HTTP
requests (as opposed to some random person/program) using tor.

[1] https://chloe.re/2015/06/20/a-month-with-badonions/

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