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Re: [tor-talk] do Cloudfare captchas ever work?

On Sat, 2015-06-20 at 13:35 +0200, Lars Luthman wrote: 
> With Javascript on you usually get easier captchas that often let you
> through when you get them right. With Javascript off you get the
> captchas that look like the names of Lovecraftian deities distorted
> through non-Euclidean geometries that are difficult even for us humans
> to solve, and even when you definitely solve them you aren't allowed
> through but just get presented with another captcha, and another, and
> another, ad infinitum.
> Switching to different exits helps, but you often have to switch 10 - 20
> times in a row before you hit an exit relay that Cloudflare in their
> benevolent wisdom has deemed good enough to be allowed to view the web.
> And even then you usually just get a few minutes before the gate is
> slammed shut and you're back with the captchas.

Replying to my own lamentation here - has anyone else noticed that it
seems to have got a lot better in the last week? The captchas are still
impenetrable without Javascript but most of the time it's enough to
switch circuits one or two times to get one without captchas, and you
stay captcha-free for much longer.


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