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[tor-talk] TBB: "on/offline" button in toolbar

Hi, I am familiar and very content with the Firefox "toolbar-buttons"
plugin - which provides a couple of key toolbar buttons, such as:

- work on/offline
This allows e.g. for sites which insist on messing with my cache
settings/ sanity and reloading the dang page when I go back and or
forward in tab history, to do the following 3-step:
Work Offline -> Back (prev page in history) -> Work Online
more quickly than navigating through menus - which is quite the
frustrating experience when one does this often.
This is useful as I can get a very quick redisplay of a previous (or
subsequent) web page in my history without the site reloading it
unnecessarily which seems to happen on so many sites these days.

- proxy toggle (3-way)
This button does what it says, cycling through:
no proxy -> auto proxy -> manual proxy
Again, this is a great time saver in certain situations.

I guess we can be confident that others will have their own favourite
time saver buttons from Toolbar Buttons plugin.

Is it possible for some TBB dev to audit Toolbar Buttons firefox
plugin for security/ safety and/ or inclusion in TBB?

I will be very grateful.

Thank you,
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