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[tor-talk] Stanford Liberationtech Needs Your Help

Hi All,

The Program on Liberation Technologies at Stanford University (LT)
<http://cddrl.fsi.stanford.edu/libtech> has been going strong since circa
2006. Since then, LT has helped thousands design, use, and research
technologies that foster the public good.

Recently, the decision was made to spin off LT as an independent entity.
I'm one of the people tasked with doing so. Here are LT's major needs:

   - Recruit people to develop a new website, logo, and graphics.
   - Identify a legal jurisdiction with strong security and privacy laws
   and regulations and a server provider with a stellar reputation at
   protecting user security and privacy to host the site.
   - Determine whether to maintain LT's mailing lists on Mailman
   <https://mailman.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/liberationtech> or to
   transition them to a content management system (e.g., Discourse.org).
   - Assess the best legal structure for LT (e.g., digital cooperative).

Any ideas? Thanks for your help and advice.


P.S. I'm sending this email on behalf LT's co-founders and not Stanford
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