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Re: [tor-talk] Guard Selection


On 19/06/18 14:15, spaceman+tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> My guard is Geoff2 and is failing lots of circuits. Looked it up on tor
> atlas and found this
> https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/C66F6BA1877D12F5EE4BCCABF3FC0BC1499C4248
> Anyway that I can configure Tor so as not to use nodes with the not
> recommended flag (without having to resort to exclude nodes)?

This flag does *not* mean that the relay is not recommended for use,
just that the version of tor it is running is not the currently
recommended version of tor. The relay operator should upgrade this, but
it is not something to be worried about.

Known dangerous versions of tor are rejected from the consensus and
would not be selected as your guard.

This flag is generated by Relay Search and is not present in the
consensus. It is not possible to exclude relays based on the version status.

Excluding relays based on their properties can harm your anonymity and
should be avoided unless carefully considered.


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